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InterNYET: A History Of The Russian Internet
Episode 2: Counterculture, Scumbags, Marijuana, And The Kremlin

In this episode, the Russian Internet goes through a turbulent adolescence. Two Moscow school students launch a site where visitors can curse and warp the spelling of words. The site gave life to an entire “scumbag” (“padonkoff”) culture with its own language, memes, and offline debaucheries. One of the site founders now lives in Los Angeles and is developing a marijuana blockchain. Another, Konstantin Rykov, became one of the first Kremlin propagandists on the Russian Internet.

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About The Filmmaker

Andrey Loshak
Andrey Loshak

Andrey Loshak is a Russian TV journalist and filmmaker who considers himself, first and foremost, a reporter. Winner of a TEFI, a prestigious Russian media award, for his television reporting, Loshak has worked for Russia’s national networks NTV and STS. He is the founder of the Takiye Dela (Things Like This) information portal about charitable solutions to social problems.


Yekaterina Ponomaryova
Yekaterina Ponomaryova

Yekaterina Ponomaryova is a journalist from Yekaterinburg, Russia. For many years, she worked as a correspondent for REN-TV; first in Russia's Urals region, then in St. Petersburg and Ukraine. After leaving REN-TV in 2014, she covered the Urals and Siberia for Current Time.

Harutyun Mansuryan
Harutyun Mansuryan

Harutyun Mansuryan was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. He previously worked for Internews Armenia (now Media Initiatives Center) as a production manager. He is the author and producer of more than 50 investigative reports and documentaries.

He now works as a multimedia video producer for RFE/RL in Prague.

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