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Satellite And Digital Streams

Satellite Access

How To Receive A 24-Hour Linear Stream:


Eutelsat 13B (13° East)

Transponder: 76

Downlink Beam: Wide

Frequency: 12,226.16 MHz

FEC: 3/4

Symbol Rate: 27.5 MSym/s

Downlink Polarization/Mod: Vertical, QPSK

Video Format: 1080i25, 576i25

HD: Virtual Channel 1

SD: Virtual Channel 2


Astra 4A at 4.8° East (Ukraine)

Transponder: B2

Downlink Beam: Europe BSS

Frequency: 11.747 GHz

FEC: 3/4

Symbol Rate: 30.0 MSym/s

Downlink Polarization/Mod: Vertical, 8-PSK, DVB-S2

Video Format: 1080i25

VC/SID: 7630 (HD), 7606 (Radio)

Astra 5B 31.5° East (from 19:00 to 07:00 Moscow Time)

Frequency: 11.817 GHz (Turan TV)

Symbol Rate: 27.5 MSym/s

Polarization: Vertical

FEC: 3/4

Digital Delivery:

HD Digital Streams for Current Time TV

Multibitrate HDS:
Multibitrate HLS:

Each bitrate/resolution can be accessed independently:

Single bitrate Flash in HD:


Receive Individual Programs:

Satellite Delivery
Affiliates can receive individual programs from the satellite stream listed above or arrangements can be made to deliver programs via FTP. Please see Contacts for Distribution, Licensing and Affiliation.

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