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The Week

The Week with Rafael Saakov is a Sunday talk show from VOA's Washington, DC headquarters. The program is a live panel discussion with high-profile experts looking ahead on what will happen in the United States during the upcoming week and discussing the weekend's breaking news. The Week will mainly focus on domestic American politics and U.S.-Russian relations.

Watch the program live online, on satellite, or via our broadcast partners, including VOA Russian’s website, Facebook and YouTube pages, on Sunday at 8 p.m., Kyiv, Minsk, and Moscow time.

Monday at 1 a.m., 6 a.m., Kyiv, Minsk, and Moscow time

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About The Anchor

Rafael Saakov
Rafael Saakov
​​Rafael Saakov, creator and anchor of The Week, has worked for the Voice Of America’s Russian Service in Washington, DC since 2016. Involved in international journalism since 2004, he formerly collaborated with the BBC’s Moscow bureau. He has a degree in journalism from Moscow State University. His work focuses primarily on politics, sports, culture, and social networks.