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Moldova Explorer

Moldova Explorer

Moldova Explorer (Пятое Время Года), produced by RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service for Current Time, takes viewers on a weekly journey of discovery in Moldova, one of Europe’s least well-known countries. The series ventures beyond the headlines to showcase individual Moldovans whose stories, whether inspiring, humorous, or tragic, reveal the real Moldova. Meet some of the families impacted by Moldova’s massive labor migration, learn about a no-disclosure rehab clinic for adolescent drug addicts, or reminisce with those who, in Soviet times, found ways to secretly publish Bibles or listen to the Beatles. Hosted by Ivan Sveatcenko and Natalia Sergheev.

Schedule: Watch the program live online, on satellite, or via our broadcast partners on Saturday at 2:30 p.m., Chisinau, Kyiv, and Moscow time.

Reruns: Sundays at 9 a.m., Chisinau, Kyiv, and Moscow time

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About The Hosts

Ivan Svyatchenko and Natalya Sergeyeva
Ivan Svyatchenko and Natalya Sergeyeva

Ivan Svyatchenko is a Moldovan journalist educated as a philologist in Russian language and literature. He was born in Chisinau, where he has worked in journalism since 1995. His career has been varied: He has worked for newspapers, magazines/journals, covered parliament and acted as a news editor, run a news agency, and hosted a political talk show.

Natalya Sergeyeva, a former Vaclav Havel Journalism Fellow at RFE/RL in Prague, is a Radio Free Europe correspondent in Chisinau. She is a documentary filmmaker and the creator of radio programs.