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Translation Of An Official Certificate For A Tajik Virginity Test

Examination Facts: The body of the subject is well-developed, lean, without birth defects. Height: 173 centimeters. Weight: 68 kilograms. Head circumference: 52 cm. Right forearm: 21 cm; right thigh: 45 cm; right calf: 36 cm. Skin color is pinkish. Secondary signs of sexual development are discernible. Hair growth in the area of the armpits and abdomen is well-developed. The mammary glands are round. Their size is 15x13 cm each. During palpation, they become elastic. The areolas are pinkish in color. No liquid discharges from the nipples. The external genitalia are well-developed. The labia majora covers the labia minora. The hymen has an oval shape and is fleshy. Its height is 0.3 - 0.5 cm. The free edge is uniform and pink. The hymen’s opening when elongated is 0.5 - 0.8 cm; an annular elongation is felt. No fluid discharges are observed from the vagina. The mucous membranes of the labia minora, hymen, and vagina are pink. No bodily injuries are observed on the subject’s body.

Conclusion: The density of the anatomical and physiological hymen of the citizen --- for the period of -- is not damaged.

(This is a selective translation from the final page of the certificate.)